Open-Source Operating Systems Revolutionizing Mobile Computing

Today, the world is becoming smaller due to the round-the-clock and quick connectivity between the computing devices. The current generation in the era of I.T. development is of mobile devices, such as netbooks, mobile phones, smartphones, PDA’s, tablet PC’s and notebook computers. With increasing computing powers, increasing wireless connection capabilities,

Security Features of Linux and Windows

Linux has been originated from its predecessor, UNIX, which was known for its security related features. The modern versions of Linux inherit the same security foundation as UNIX with several enhanced security features. At the same time, several modern versions of the Windows operating system have also taken security as

Serving a Cookie While Surfing Really Is Possible

When hearing the terms “surf the net”, or “cookies” and “servers”, many users may begin to wonder if they will need a glass of milk or a wet suit to make it through the confusion of the internet. However, these terms can be easily explained so that everyone can understand

Understanding CRON to Run Automated Tasks

One of the widely used utilities of Linux is Cron, which enables users to automate execution of tasks. Cron allows setting up schedules of certain tasks to run at specific times or at specified frequencies. At the scheduled time/dates, tasks are automatically triggered without a user intervention. Technically, Cron is

Protecting Your Privacy Online

With computers and the internet becoming a part of our everyday lives, privacy is becoming a big concern for anyone who spends any amount of time online. Hackers and identity thieves are taking advantage of those who are not taking careful precautions while surfing the net. Password Security When creating

What is an Internet Search Engine?

With the unbelievable speed that the internet is growing, seeing thousands of new pages and documents being added to the World Wide Web every day, it can be a huge challenge to find information that is relevant to what a user is searching for. That is the problem internet search