Blogging Software – What are Your Options

The term “blog” comes from “weblog”, which is a website that is more interactive than a static HTML site. It is normally maintained by one or more people who have an interest in the topic, making frequent posts which show in backwards chronological order. However, blogs have become much more, and the functionality that they now have continues to bring new developments that increase what a blog can do.

There are many different blogging software platforms to choose from. Three of the most popular are WordPress, Movable Type and Typepad.


There are two versions of WordPress – one which is hosted through and the open source software that can be self hosted. WordPress offers many templates and widgets which give the software increased functionality. Many users have gone beyond using WordPress as a simple blog, now using it to create complete websites. It is considered to be more than just blogging software, going so far as being a complete content management system. With a simple one touch installation on many webhosts, and an easy to use interface, WordPress is one of the most popular platforms used by bloggers.

Movable Type

Movable Type has become increasingly popular and offers a great deal of options as well. However, installation can be a bit more difficult and if a user is not comfortable installing and setting up a Perl script on a server, they would likely be better using WordPress or Movable Type’s centrally hosted version, Typepad. There are more and more templates and functions being added all the time for Movable Type. Large businesses and corporations use this blogging software to build feature rich websites and interactive communities.


Typepad is the hosted blogging software designed by the creators of Movable Type. It offers many features and has an easy to use interface that allows users of all levels to create stunning sites. It does not require any installation or setup, which some users prefer. There are beautiful designs to choose from, and many other features which help users create cutting edge websites for personal or business use.