Serving a Cookie While Surfing Really Is Possible

When hearing the terms “surf the net”, or “cookies” and “servers”, many users may begin to wonder if they will need a glass of milk or a wet suit to make it through the confusion of the internet. However, these terms can be easily explained so that everyone can understand

Protecting Your Privacy Online

With computers and the internet becoming a part of our everyday lives, privacy is becoming a big concern for anyone who spends any amount of time online. Hackers and identity thieves are taking advantage of those who are not taking careful precautions while surfing the net. Password Security When creating

Is it Safe to Shop Online?

Shopping online is becoming much more common with more sites offering many products that are not found offline. Some people may live in areas where the selection is not as large for some items, so shopping online can give them more options. And for some people, online shopping is becoming

Blogging Software – What are Your Options

The term “blog” comes from “weblog”, which is a website that is more interactive than a static HTML site. It is normally maintained by one or more people who have an interest in the topic, making frequent posts which show in backwards chronological order. However, blogs have become much more,

Understanding Some Basic Internet Terms

With the incredible speed that technology is growing in regards to computers and the internet, users often feel that they don’t have a complete understanding of the language used when discussing key features. Here is an introduction to some common terms: Browser An internet browser is the software application used

What is Internet Spyware?

Spyware is fast becoming one of the biggest problems facing internet users today. Historically, viruses have received a great deal more attention, but the fact is that spyware is a huge problem that needs to be addressed as well. In order to understand it better, it is important to make

Understanding Computer Networks

A computer network is simply one or more computers that are connected allowing them to share files, programs and hardware. Instead of needing a different printer, for example, for every computer in a company, they will often be joined in a network to keep costs down and make the work

Popular Operating System Choices

The operating system is the most important software on a computer – essentially the one thing that is telling the computer what to do. There are many different operating systems available, with three that are more widely known and used. They are Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS and Linux. Microsoft