Open-Source Operating Systems Revolutionizing Mobile Computing

Today, the world is becoming smaller due to the round-the-clock and quick connectivity between the computing devices. The current generation in the era of I.T. development is of mobile devices, such as netbooks, mobile phones, smartphones, PDA’s, tablet PC’s and notebook computers. With increasing computing powers, increasing wireless connection capabilities,

Security Features of Linux and Windows

Linux has been originated from its predecessor, UNIX, which was known for its security related features. The modern versions of Linux inherit the same security foundation as UNIX with several enhanced security features. At the same time, several modern versions of the Windows operating system have also taken security as

Understanding CRON to Run Automated Tasks

One of the widely used utilities of Linux is Cron, which enables users to automate execution of tasks. Cron allows setting up schedules of certain tasks to run at specific times or at specified frequencies. At the scheduled time/dates, tasks are automatically triggered without a user intervention. Technically, Cron is

Who Should Not Use Linux

Several people are eventually getting to understand and learn about the goodness and richness of features Linux offers. As a result, most of them either become regular Linux users or start intending to learn more to become one at a later stage. This, however, is not true with everybody. Also,

Understanding an Operating System

An operating system is the most important software on a computer. It is responsible for running most of the essential tasks on the computer, like controlling the peripheral devices and memory needed for processes that the computer does. It manages things like disc space and how the user can communicate

Types of Computer Clusters

Computer clustering offers a much more powerful system with a great deal of benefit to its users. The reduced costs of a powerful network of computers that are able to keep up with changing technologies appeal to many businesses which need a reliable system. There are different types of computer

Blogging Software – What are Your Options

The term “blog” comes from “weblog”, which is a website that is more interactive than a static HTML site. It is normally maintained by one or more people who have an interest in the topic, making frequent posts which show in backwards chronological order. However, blogs have become much more,

Choose Your Linux Flavor Based on the Available Hardware

As with most of the software applications, it is equally important to assess the compatibility of your hardware with the Linux distribution you wish to install. Indeed, one of the most important factors in deciding the Linux distribution for the installation is the hardware compatibility. Before you plan to install