Who Should Not Use Linux

Several people are eventually getting to understand and learn about the goodness and richness of features Linux offers. As a result, most of them either become regular Linux users or start intending to learn more to become one at a later stage. This, however, is not true with everybody. Also,

Understanding an Operating System

An operating system is the most important software on a computer. It is responsible for running most of the essential tasks on the computer, like controlling the peripheral devices and memory needed for processes that the computer does. It manages things like disc space and how the user can communicate

Types of Computer Clusters

Computer clustering offers a much more powerful system with a great deal of benefit to its users. The reduced costs of a powerful network of computers that are able to keep up with changing technologies appeal to many businesses which need a reliable system. There are different types of computer

Linux Shell Scripting – What and Why?

If you have known any power users of Linux or some of the developers, you would have probably heard them talk about shell scripting or shell scripts. You might even have wondered what these Linux shell scripts are, and why they are used. There is also a myth about the


Blogging Software – What are Your Options

The term “blog” comes from “weblog”, which is a website that is more interactive than a static HTML site. It is normally maintained by one or more people who have an interest in the topic, making frequent posts which show in backwards chronological order. However, blogs have become much more,

Understanding Some Basic Internet Terms

With the incredible speed that technology is growing in regards to computers and the internet, users often feel that they don’t have a complete understanding of the language used when discussing key features. Here is an introduction to some common terms: Browser An internet browser is the software application used

Symptoms of Spyware Infection

Spyware is normally installed on a user’s computer without their knowledge. It can remain hidden for a long time before the person notices that something isn’t quite right with their computer. There are some common signs that can be watched for to let the user know there is a problem.


Choose Your Linux Flavor Based on the Available Hardware

As with most of the software applications, it is equally important to assess the compatibility of your hardware with the Linux distribution you wish to install. Indeed, one of the most important factors in deciding the Linux distribution for the installation is the hardware compatibility. Before you plan to install

What is Internet Spyware?

Spyware is fast becoming one of the biggest problems facing internet users today. Historically, viruses have received a great deal more attention, but the fact is that spyware is a huge problem that needs to be addressed as well. In order to understand it better, it is important to make