Popular Operating System Choices

The operating system is the most important software on a computer – essentially the one thing that is telling the computer what to do. There are many different operating systems available, with three that are more widely known and used. They are Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS and Linux.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is likely one of the most recognized computer operating systems among users. It has been suggested that more than ninety percent of computers have a version of windows operating system installed. There is a home version for personal use or a professional one for businesses. Windows is the operating system that most computers come preloaded with, but it can also be purchased on its own for those who do not have it on their computer.

Apple Mac OS

The Mac OS is the line of operating systems created by Apple to be used on their Macintosh (Mac) computer. Although not as popular as Windows, only accounting for just over seven percent of the market, Mac users are very loyal and the number of users are continuously growing. There is also a home version for personal users as well as the professional version.


Compared to the other two operating systems, Linux only has about a one percent share of the market. However, it is a viable option for users who are looking for a good operating system that does not cost a fortune. Linux is a free, open source program that allows the software to be downloaded and used by anyone, and the source code is also made available. Any developer or company can take the Linux kernel and add to or modify it however they want. Many businesses are using Linux due to the functionality that can be added and how flexible it is to use.

There are many more operating systems on the market, and each has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as their own group of supporters. Depending on what it is needed for, there is an operating system that will meet the needs of any computer user.