Ways to Enhance the DJI Spark Dynamic Range during Post-Production

There are numerous drones available in the market that delivers the finest performance, and undoubtedly, DJI Spark is not one of them. The quality of the video output is not up to the mark, and it becomes difficult to alter the video after the footage capture. The dynamic range of the videos is low as compared to the other drones available in the market.

Though there are certain ways to which one can effortlessly enhance the quality of Spark’s videos, one can easily explore the internet. The DJI Spark is a great product that can be used for both photography and video shoot but at a price tag that can provide you better options like the Mavic and the Phantom. Both of them have superior features such as log shooting as well as better contrast and sharpness without compromising on saturation.

Another issue in using the DJI Spark is to recover the details in highlights and shadows. There are some videos available over the internet that shows how to recover details from shadows precisely. One can easily find videos related to this drone and one can eventually buy a personal drone. You can search the internet by typing DJI Spark for Sale, and you will get relevant results. Moreover, for maximizing the dynamic range, you can use Adobe Premiere Pro, which is recommended by the experts.

The trick mentioned above of adding dynamic range won’t just simply enhance the dynamic range; rather it would simply enhance the data in the Spark’s system records. Apart from this, one should make a note that the increase in the intensity of underexposed areas may lead to a lack of details and sharpness. This trick goes well for people seeking a great alternative for Mavic. One can easily enhance the intensity of the footage without burning a hole in their pocket.

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