Who Should Not Use Linux

Several people are eventually getting to understand and learn about the goodness and richness of features Linux offers. As a result, most of them either become regular Linux users or start intending to learn more to become one at a later stage. This, however, is not true with everybody. Also, despite Linux can completely replace your existing operating system and has capability of performing almost every computing related task, it is still not recommended for everyone.

There are some people who just should not go ahead trying Linux. Of course, the reason they are not recommended to use Linux is simply preventing Linux from being maligned by the people who didn’t try to do their best to use Linux. Trying and using Linux is certainly not recommended for the people who:

•Are computer illiterate: These are the people who have very limited exposure to computers and are very little aware of capabilities an operating system has. Such people are better off learning older version of Microsoft Windows before trying their hands on Linux. The main problem they might face might be their capability to get tuned with using Linux.

•Do not like learning new things: Switching from one operating system to another involves some new learning. Setting up and running Linux will also need you to learn some new concepts and ways. Simply, this is something not very desirable for those who don’t like to learn or are too busy to learn anything new without realizing its advantages.

•Are die-hard Microsoft fans: If you are either a Microsoft fan or actually use software that works only with Windows, you would need to check if you can run it using Wine on Linux. If you cannot, Linux might not be a right choice for you. Wine is capable of running most of the Windows based software on your Linux machine, but does not guarantee support for each and every Windows application. You would need to find out from Wine’s website to find if your required software can be made to run on Linux.